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Paisaje Evohé BodegasThis adventure was conceived in 2006 around three young enthusiasts:
Ricardo Mosteo, Henrik Heikel and Alfonso Mort.
There intention is to share with the wider world the wisdom of generations of winemakers dedicated to the development and elaboration of the variety Garnacha grown in Aragón since the 12th century. Garnacha comes from Sardinia as a specimen of plant. The Island was at this time part of the kingdom of Aragón where it was brought to these fields and trained. We see Aragon as the birthplace of this Grape due to that this took place in the 12-century. It and later spread to the world starting with the neighboring country, France (Grenache).
After looking in several areas, we found what we sought for, Lécera in one of the most remote lands of Aragon.
The story of how the idea of Evohé first started around a table. A voice opened the conversations:

“You have the same ideas. Why don´t you try to create something together?”


As we see him, the father (r.i.p. and for ever in our heart) of Evohé and whom we have sworn to carry on his wisdom. This was the beginning of our history together although we started our individual projects, it came clear by this step ideas later became reality

We don´t know whom of us was the first to come with the idea to make such wine as the Evohé. Nor do we care.

Henrik Heikel, obsessed with his projects to find the authenticity of wines, Alfonso and Ricardo dreaming of doing a wine with the most typical variety in our region of Aragon: Garnacha.

The project came to us and as anything in life it has brought us: joy, sadness, lafture, ilution and much will to make Evohé an original, global and International wine. A wine of such attributes as charming, elegant, powerful, complex, aromatic, deep…. in short it turned into our child and perhaps pamper it too much… But then again, it is our Dream becoming reality.


“The world lies in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and who take the risk of living out their dreams”